DragonScale SCG

SCG: Single Card Game

The core flow is defined in GameFlow class under the SCG.Examples.


The class GameReferee defines how to win or lose.


The class GameDisplay controls the info and error message display. Also displays cards of current playing character. Player select card to play handled in Update().


The class GameController initialize all 3 parts above and controls pause resume and end game.

SingleCardGame class:

Started is called when game begin.

Processing is a CharacterGroupProcessorCoroutineDelegate. The coroutine delegate returns IEnumerator. It get called before the processor start to process all character group.

BeforeProcessGroup is called before the processor to process each character group.

AfterProcessGroup is called after the processor to process each character group.

GameEnded event triggered when game end.

Begin(): Starts the game.

End(): End the game.

Create(Character holder, Card card, Vector2 localPosition, Transform parent): Create a card entity which visualize the card.

Create(Character holder, Card card, Transform parent): Same as above.

FindGroups(CharacterGroupType type): Find the specified character groups by type.